The EU-MED Gateway is a cooperation platform that aims at fostering strategic partnerships in the Textile and Clothing sector in the Mediterranean basin.


It has been developed starting from the contribution of all TEMP partners and is the result of a combined effort in the field of technology, business and funding opportunities scouting. It gives access to a wide range of information such as:

  • Knowledge and technology resources about key research topics
  • Potentially transferable technologies and methodologies
  • Funding, investment and cooperation opportunities
  • Main Events & News in the EUMED Area
  • Links to relevant EUMED organizations and initiatives
  • EUROMED Innovation Roadmap on Textiles and Clothing

Discover the benefits of becoming a member of this platform (for example to view the list of registered companies and their demand for products and technologies).




TEMP is an European Project funded under the REGPOT initiative within the 7° Framework Programe (FP7) under the theme Capacities