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Eu-Med Events

  28-30 Nov 2012 CAT Tunisia
API organizes Business and Technology Convention (CAT 2012)   Tunis, 28-30 November 2012     The Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (API), organizes the Business and Technology Convention (CAT 2012) which will be held on November 28-30, 2012 in association with The Tunisian Union for Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA), with the cooper...
  12 nov 2012 TEMP Milano Med Forum
EUMED-GATEWAY.EU is main sponsor of the event MIlano Med Forum   Milan, 12-13 November 2012     Treviso Tecnologia attends the economic and financial forum of the Euro-Mediterranean area sponsoring the event and promoting the TEMP initiative developed for the cooperation in the textile & clothing industry.   Press release (download .pdf) Brochure (download .pd...
  5 Oct 2012 TEMP Final Conference
TEMP partners organize the final conference at TEXMED Tunisia 2012   Tunis, 5 October 2012     The TEMP project is getting closer to its end and therefore is time to make the balance of the concluded activities and present some of the relevant experiences and deliverables prepared during the project. Profiting from the gathering of the EUROMED textile industry in th...
  27 Sep 2012 NEXTTT Workshop Florence
NEXTTT organizes a conference on Italy and Tunisia cooperation   Florence, 27 September 2012     Next technology Tecnotessile organizes the conference "A further Step toward S&T cooperation in the Textile & Clothing field between Italy and Tunisia" that will be held on September 27, 2012 at Toscana Promozione (Villa Fabbricotti, via Vittorio Emanuele II, 62-64). ...
  12-13 Mar 2012 CONFERENCE MILAN
TEMP presented during EC Annual Meeting on Textile and Clothing   Milan, 12 March 2012   The TEMP project have been presented during the CONFERENCE ON CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE TEXTILES AND CLOTHING SECTOR IN THE EURO-MEDITERRANEAN REGION, organized by DG ENTERPRISE on 12th-13th March, at the Palazzo Turati - Via Meravigli 9/b, 20123 Milan, Italy.   The TEMP p...
  12-17 Mar 2012 EMWIS WWF
EMWIS leads 3 sessions at the 6th World Water Forum   Marseille, 12-17 March 2012   During the next World Water Forum to be held in Marseille from 12 to 17 March 2012, EMWIS is leading 3 sessions, one the thematic process, one on the Mediterranean process and a side event:   "Shared Water Information Systems for a Better Governance in the Mediterranean"  Tuesd...
  22 Nov 2010 ECOTECH
Linnaeus ECO-TECH '10   Kalmar, 22-24 November 2010   The Seventh International Conference on the Establishment of Cooperation Between Companies and Institutions in the Nordic Countries, the Baltic Sea Region, and the World Conference on Natural Sciences and Environmental Technologies for Waste and Wastewater Treatment, Remediation, Emissions Related to Climate, Environmental and...
  3 Dec 2010 MEDVENTURES
MedVentures - Business Forum & Awards 2010   Marseille, 3 December 2010   Organised within the Mediterranean Economic Week, this event aims to develop Euro-Med partnerships and to accelerate the international development of the best high-growth start-ups in the Mediterranean.   Participants include entrepreneurs, business, entrepreneurship, innovati...
  15 Apr 2010 TEXMED
Texmed Tunisia 2011 12ème edition Salon Euro-Méditerranéen de l'Habillement   Tunis, 8-9-10 June 2011  


TEMP is an European Project funded under the REGPOT initiative within the 7° Framework Programe (FP7) under the theme Capacities
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