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NEXTTT organizes a conference on Italy and Tunisia cooperation


Florence, 27 September 2012



Next technology Tecnotessile organizes the conference "A further Step toward S&T cooperation in the Textile & Clothing field between Italy and Tunisia" that will be held on September 27, 2012 at Toscana Promozione (Villa Fabbricotti, via Vittorio Emanuele II, 62-64).

The conference aims to present to Italian textile companies the situation of a fast-growing country in textile technologies and manufacturing production: Tunisia. The capitalization of what experienced to date in Tunisia can open the door to several different forms of cooperation and business opportunities.


Click on the image to download the Programme and the subscription form.




Send the subscription form to Next Technology Tecnotessile by e-mail: services@tecnotex.it or by fax: +39 0574 634045.
For any info please contact +39 0574 634040 or services@tecnotex.it








Welcome Address

Toscana Promozione, Next Technology Tecnotessile




Introduction of TEMP project: exchange of experiences between Italy and Tunisia

Enrico Venturini - Next Technology Tecnotessile



Tools available for euro-med cooperation: Temp Gateway

Anilkumar Dave - Treviso Tecnologi




Planning your businees in Tunisia: methodologies & experiences

Riccardo Cecconi - Expert consultant, Silvia Paoletti - MIDI Service






The current manufacturing framework in textile sector in Tunisia; technology overview; opportunities and advantages

Adel HAJRI - CETTEX - Textile Technical Centre, Tunis

Hedfi Nidhal - Pôle de compétitivité -MFC Pole-, Monastir

Coffe Break





Advanced Technologies in Tuscany and business relations with Tunisia
Patrizia Belfiore - Toscana Promozione





Opening Brainstorming: generate new ideas and initiatives for a better integration between Italian and Tunisian Textile and clothing sectors

Moderator: Next Technology Tecnotessile, Treviso Tecnologia



Definition of a draft agenda for future cooperation actions


18.30 Conclusions


TEMP is an European Project funded under the REGPOT initiative within the 7° Framework Programe (FP7) under the theme Capacities
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