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26 Oct 2010, Brussels


Euro-Med Industrial cooperation




The European Commission's DG Enterprise ad Industry held a working party on Euro-Med Industrial cooperation in Brussels on 26 October during which the EC and its Mediterranean partners discussed the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise and proposals for 2011-2012.
The meeting presented the Euro-Mediterranean industrial cooperation achievements in 2009-2010 and discussed activities taking place in the short term, before moving on to discussing proposals for 2011-2012, including the regional activities under the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise, which concern mainly the exchange of knowledge and good practice and the evaluation and benchmarking of progress.
The workshop also addressed Agreements on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products (ACAA) as well as sectoral activities and the monitoring by the Working Party of Euro-Mediterranean industrial cooperation and communication activities.


The Working party on Euro-Mediterranean industrial cooperation is composed of representatives from public authorities and business associations from EU and Mediterranean partner countries, international organisations and certain EU institutions.


The 2009-2010 work programme was approved at the Euro-Mediterranean conference in Nice on 5-6 November 2008. Here are reported the activities under its 6 main headings:

1. Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise

2008 - implementation report - Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise review of progress in the Mediterranean countries.
2009 - national implementation of the charter was discussed at various stakeholder meetings:

2. Promoting investment

Through workshops and meetings, the Mediterranean countries are informed about policies and measures designed to increase flows of foreign and local investment. In 2009-10, work is concentrated on:

3. Trade facilitation for industrial products

Mediterranean countries have continued adapting their legislation, standards and institutions to the EU acquis in some priority industrial sectors with a view to concluding  agreements on conformity assessment and acceptance of industrial products (ACAAs) with the EU.

A TAIEX seminar on new single market legislation was held for partner countries in April 2010.

4. Innovation and technology transfer

Work here involves:

  • regional networking and linking the Mediterranean countries to the Enterprise Europe Network
  • making effective use of the EU-funded Medibtikar innovation and technology programme
  • exchanging good practice on how to promote innovation, as at the Forum on innovation, Cairo, January 2010

5. Future of the textile and clothing sector

Conferences were organised to discuss common solutions to challenges from international competition:

6. Sustainable industrial development and energy efficiency

In November 2009, a seminar was held in Brussels on developing sustainable businesses.

Experts from the EU and Mediterranean countries shared information on policies, programmes and good practice.

With the European Commission and the OECD, they developed proposals to "green" the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise, bringing it more in line with the European Small Business Act.




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