EUROMED Innovation Roadmap


With the EUROMED Innovation Roadmap on Textiles and Clothing the partners of TEMP project would like to contribute to the definition of specific scientific and technical priorities in partners regions, creating a research agenda for the period of 2010-2015, in total coherence with the SRA (Strategic Research Agenda) defined by the European Technological Platform for the Future of Textiles & Clothing, but considering the individual situation and challenges of the regions involved in the TEMP project.

The following topics are going to be addressed:

  • main objectives and activities of the TEMP Project;
  • characterization of the European Textile & Clothing Sector;
  • local strategies and roadmaps in the EUROMED (Portugal, Italy, Tunisia);
  • vision for an EUROMED region of textile and clothing excellence in R&D and Innovation:
  • identification of the strategic research priorities (R&D and Innovation roadmap towards 2020).

The Roadmap, published in English and French, has been officially presented during the TEMP Project Final Conference titled Textile Cooperation in The Euromed Area at Palais des Foires du Kram on October 4th.

A printed version has been disseminated during the Texmed 2012 from 4th to 6th of October in Tunis.


Click here to download the roadmap (.pdf English)

Cliquez ici pour télécharger la feuille de route (.pdf Française)


TEMP is an European Project funded under the REGPOT initiative within the 7° Framework Programe (FP7) under the theme Capacities
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